World Poetry Day- 21st March


21st March, every year, World is celebrating Poetry Day, This year, our lovely friend has shared a poem to appreciate poets and poetess all over the world.

Katherine Nziku, is a poetess and student at a Tanzanian University. 

She aspires to be a writer and story teller through poetry, nurse and community server.

She represents many girls and youths around the world.

What are the POEMS to you? To Katherine, Poems are SONGS, but more than songs😊.


Poems are but just the honest songs,

Inspired by silently weeping feelings,

Tears and happiness portrayed in ink,

Even Poet writes his heart sometimes. 

Poems are songs praising all love birds,

Sweet sounds of love like xylophones,

Poet with images of the loving hearts,

He sings them a song of the love poem. 

Poems are songs with burning arrows,

Misunderstanding being the Poet's life,

But at the beach wind inspires the tales,

Same tales that the poems shall then tell. 

Poems are songs made by the loneliness,

But more sweet when traveler ain't alone,

For the journey is not long when is for two,

Distance from home covered by the poems. 

Poems are songs of gone childhood dreams,

The unanswered cries drawn on the paper,

Only to agonise the very deadly selfish slap,

Though worthless is life with no mountains,

Poems are song but just the honest songs.

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