This is an international campaign that kicks on 25th November and end on 10th December, Human Rights day, aiming at fighting gender based violence, through raising awareness to the whole community, worldwide through different ways in order to advocate against gender based violence.

From our local context, the history of our community based on male dominant perspective, which allows only male at a great extent getting access to opportunities socially, economically and event politically regarding the leadership positions.

The initiatives that have been made through government and non-government organizations to combat the challenge, proved that female have their spaces in communities, they must be respected as one among important group in the community and absolutely starting to get access to opportunities same as men, but the communities are keeping to be resilient in promoting females safety.

In gender based violence, it is not only about fighting, killing and such physical violence which have been clearly observed and heard. But also ones that seems to be normalized and not considered as the gender based violence.

Taking consideration on how digitalization takes part in new modern world. Both males and females utilize the spaces to socialize, learn and conduct their economic activities. But still, females are suffered to cope with so “unsafe digital/online spaces”, they get abused with their looks, actions, posts, make fun of them on their daily activities, such as leadership. Such unsafe.

There is absolutely no way for females to not attend online and digital spaces but only keeping on being relevant with world. Acting fine, smiling and sometimes starting to normalize the not normal actions, keeping on letting the young women that it is okay, while it is NOT, lead to new generation which will keep on suffering and not knowing what to do since not normal are normalized. UNACCEPTABLE.

Despite the gender, everyone in community, has role to play in 16 days of activism. Using the skills, knowledge, position from the family level to global level, you have the role to play in ensuring what needed to be heard in the 16 days of activism is heard and taken into actions, that is Being Part of Change.

At family level, where gender based violence against wives, and young girl’s cases have been reported and “Not taken serious” with either victim, or families, all family members, males inclusive are responsible for advocacy and ensuring the young girls safety.

It is not all about families, even individuals, local governments, and Non-government organization which have been playing the great role to end gender based violence against women.

However, I cannot end this 500 words piece, without appreciating the Tanzania government for allowing impregnated young girls getting access to education again. Our government has proven that, it does not always mean a girl should be blamed or regret for violence she has been facing from the community, but rather being supportive for her to reach big dreams.

Girl, 21 years old,

Genila Hiel.


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