"By occupying spaces and places where they are rarely seen or heard, girls and young women demanded action to find solutions to ensure all girls can learn, lead, decide and thrive".- Plan International

My name is Genila Hiel, I am active digital citizen, I met the advert of Plan International concerning the Girl Take Over Initiative. I applied, I went through the interview and I succeed to be among 2021 candidates of Girls Take Over, although this was not my first application on Girls Take Over program, I applied previous year, I did not succeed to be among the candidates.

In #GirlsTakeOver2021, I got appointed to take over Standard Chartered Bank’s Chief Executive officer, Mr Sanjay Rughani. At first I was shocked that am going to take over the position held by male, again the top position of the institution in the country wise. But being nervous made me curious of wanting more to take over his position, experiencing what he really used to experience in that chair.

"I love that I am responsible in enabling people’s lives"- Mr Sanjay Rughani, CEO SCB Tanzania

On 1st October 2021 at 10am, I attended orientation meeting at standard chartered bank headquarters in Dar es salaam, it was such an amazing experience. Ms. Dallilah, personal assistant of Mr Sanjay Rughani, was there with me. She firstly introduced to me what’s all about institution, about the CEO and all departments in the SCB. She made me aware of the roles that am going to play, meetings that I will be running and engage. I let her know my areas of interests and about all I need to learn during my take over. Interesting thing, she told me more about Mr. Sanjay Rughani, how funny, interactive, educator and inspirational he is. I left with a note of “You are going to start your take over on 11th October 2021”.

So far I couldn’t wait for that amazing day of my taking over, the day that recognizes a girl child as important person with the capacities and abilities of holding highest position which will allow her to learn and learn again, but mostly inspire other young girls to achieve their biggest dreams.

Among the comments I got concerning the information that am going to take over that particular position are, “go girlll, make girls proud, you can, we trust you” and so many more. One interesting woman shared with me how exciting she is to see me meeting her most admiring man in banking industry, she told me how privilege I am to have that lifetime opportunity, she even ask if it could be possible I could get her in my bag (jokes), but yeah, I am privileged, I appreciate.

Taking over aside, I am a recent graduate, and apart from advocating for gender equality, leadership opportunities for females and many more, I had my own expectations that being at Standard Charted Bank will definitely develop my career. Hold on, I am still waiting for 11th October.

I took over...

“I am talking about skills, it’s now what exactly we are doing but because they build what is needed”- Sanjay Rughani, CEO- Standard Chartered Bank Limited

I started taking over on 11th October on commemoration of the international day of the girl child. Well, it was the CEO’s position that I was taking over. Now it was CEO Genila Hiel.

Like everyone who experiences new environment, I had my expectations on this new endeavors of mine! Yes, I expected I will learn, interact and engage, but honestly my expectation was less than what I even face on the first day of my take over. You want to know what happened? Keep on flowing with me.

Soon after reading my schedule I found out that I had to attend a very first session with Sanjay Rughani and other participants. The session went smoothly, and I was interested how Sanjay was running it, people were engaging and come up with insightful views on what it was discussed. I learnt how to respond to questions, approaching the person and defending yourself with what you decided previously. Well, I learnt some issues without even knowing what was talking about, to whom it was talking about, where the participants were coming until I knew they were from the same standard chartered Bank, and some of them were in the office at that time, the session was virtually.

Try to imagine how quite, frustrated, confused, amazed and curious I was at that time. This was my first take over experiences, feelings I got once I started taking over.

Another interesting fact, is, “every second is counted at SCB”, during the lunch break we were following up the webinar which was about the mental wellbeing, it was nice learning on keeping mental health a priority since if it is not kept well, then it will affect every aspect of our lives.

On a serious note, i met another inspiring girl who took over Head of Human Resource, she is Cedrinah (Meet her in pictures)

“For you to be the best, does not have to cost another one”- Desderia Mwegelo, CABAM, SCB

I started my second day by attending the morning hurdle at the branch, and I got an opportunity to present about digitalization, lucky enough, it was digital day at the branch and the 2021 theme of international day of the girl child is based on the digitalization which states “digital generation, our generation”, I deeply touched on how world is speedily changing, and how digital spaces are active than physical, adding up the acceleration of covid-19 pandemic, I insisted people to be relevant in terms of up-skilling and upgrading themselves and to not be resistant while the world is moving.


I observed how positively staffs were to each other, this motivated me to keep on being positive but also how they communicate, cheering up one another to start the day brightly.

If there is a way I catch up more things easily, is through storytelling. I had a chance to meet different women who are from different departments in SCB with inspirational stories through their social and career lives.

I understand how long this piece is, and honestly, I cant see myself finishing documenting my experience at SCB, well the last day was all all about self evaluation, sharing my experience with Mr Sanjay, and engaging with staff members. 



Generally, the take over program reminded me how able, possible and capable I am, only if I step up regardless my gender, my abilities matters, and that is only thing allows me to hold the leadership position. Now it is up to me, ensuring that, I develop myself so as i can lead myself, my community and one day, the bigger institution.

Gender has nothing to do with someones abilities, and the world should practice inclusivity by engaging girls to information and opportunity accessibility.

An opportunity to take over at standard chartered bank, was a lifetime opportunity, and it was more than taking over CEO’s position but also, gaining new experience and exposure, learn about leadership and communication skills and more than that. I learnt, enjoyed and had so much fun in every little second I spent. It was worthy experiencing this program, at Standard Chartered Bank. After this program, I aspire to upgrade myself with new skills and engage with issues i am passionate about, which will boost my abilities, this will allow me to achieve my dreams.

A call to action to every individual, company, organization and government, to make sure "Girls get equal", by handling them opportunities when their abilities, confidence and capacities are way more potential.

Lastly, if you are a young girl reading this, may be inspired, and need to engage in take over program, don't hesitate to check me for more information and yes, till next year! I cant wait to document your experience here!

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