Are we as a community doing enough to support teens?
This is the question I pose to all of us community members plus
fore coming parents, as we are there watching our teens suffer
and we sat down with a hand in chin claiming inwards?.
My question comes after long catastrophic scenarios of teens
being bullied and traumatized in various places, in these recent
years there have been massive reports of many teens being
bullied in various places especially at schools or homesteads.
Research shows that 23.6% of the teen struggling with the feeling
of hopelessness and sadness, as a result of being bullied by their
friends, parents, or other close people.
Take a look at the incidence of South African teen the tenth
grader Lufuno Mavhunga, who reportedly overdosed on pills after
video of her being slapped by a classmate went rival, she took her
own life after a video showing her being slapped by her classmate
countless went viral and pop in all social media. The video shows
a tenth-grade girl student from Mbilwi secondary School, is seen
confronted by two other teens in the video. Lufuno was found by
her mother lying unconscious and taken to hospital where she
was certified dead on arrival.
My question comes to hold a breath over here, where is our
position on holding protecting, and making teens feel secured
while we are parents or guardians? Just imagine if Lufuno’s mom
could be a friend of her daughter giving her easy and fast access
to speak and being open to anything counter her during school
time, Lufuno could overdose? Or the community could create a
fairground for teens to open up on anything facing them in their
daily life these holistic incidents could have the pace we see now?
Lufuno’s brother who is 15 years old, said that her sister’s name
means “love” and she was aspired to be a doctor. “She was a

very peaceful person and she has love as her name suggests”.
This means a lot because even when she was slapped she never
fights back. Then as parents and community at large who is going
to wear Lufuno’s shoes and work for her dreams?, whose going to
cover up the loosen space in Lufuno’s family by being a doctor?,
whose going to say comforting words to Lufuno’s mom to calm
her with the pains she experiences every time good memories of
her beloved daughter returns?
If we see ourselves cannot answer these questions, let us join our
efforts to stand with teens during their time as they experience a
lot in their playgrounds, schools, and their homes. Many teens in
our country and Africa at large are struggling with depression and
a sense of hopelessness amid the deadly coronavirus pandemic,
and this has been noted that suicidal ideation and attempts have
increased in both girls and boys.
Let us join our hand and strength to work out teens bulling

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