Digital world- Bothering world to females.


After spending a while, in digital world, that's really coming fast in our communities, I met friends from Eastern and Western of the world, physically, I just can't see them. We learn, enjoy, and entertain, But we are together digitally, that's a digital world.

A sad story is, I met different situations that one feels insecure in this new world, digital world.

The world that none can see really me, none can experience how I really live and feel. That's none's business.

For us who depends on online space to conduct our activities, businesses, socialize and study, is the space safe for us?

Back then, we all observe how young girls and women face the very personal challenges online, questions come after posting single picture, what a hell have you posted? That's an outdated fashion? You are so far! You have long feet, they don't look good for a girl? You are doubting why I took females than males, well, females are more likely to face image-based abused than males. Again (what we term as "connection" in Tanzania, women are likely to have their nudes/sexual images shared without their consent, sadly, is a girl will always look indiscipline, wrong and the one with bad morals, again what about males, the superior in him, master, heroes and LEGEND! BAD, WORSE!

But you know what, you might think it's just a comment or sharing, but it is not only a comment for her, or sharing the "connection". You've been creating such an insecurity for whatever you comment on. It's a battle that females have been fighting so as to make the digital citizens happy for them, to make themselves look always right for others.

To a victim, and any female out there, firstly, be ready for anything comes your way, this is digital world, and many of citizens here, never met you in person, they perceive depends on what you've allowed them to see in you, one important thing start now creating a good path for you in all aspects of life, it's hectic when it's already on your arms, and you can't fall the mystery down.

Make the space useful towards your achievement, regardless whether personal development, or carrier development, but generally make it be useful towards your success.

To all citizens in this digital world, what if we create a safe online space? What if we practice empathy and humanity? Would you feel the same if your closed one face this?

Call to action, to all young people who are highly engaging in digital platforms, a call to influence them to make a safe online space. Safe digital world, and let females live, learn and enjoy.

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