My experience in Kilwa

 In Kilwa.

I've been thinking the way I see people and environment around me, is the same way it used to be in other areas too. Things are absolutely different.

My name is Genila Hiel, 20 years old girl. October 2020, I participated in the project under YAPO in rural areas, Lindi, Kilwa. It was nice experiencing new kind of life that people are living there. Despite of other areas, we also focused on raising awareness and providing training on ICT matters to young girls in the villages.

Scaring thing is, among of those young girls, it was their first time to touch computer, and others it was their first time to see it. But they got inspired to learn more on ICT issues and highly on how it can help them in their daily issues for instances, to simplify works, promote their businesses, get easily informed on different issues and also entertain them.

In Urban areas people are way more aware of ICT than in rural areas , and as long as the world is changing to digital one and higher technology, is also mostly important for rural areas people to get access to this technologies.

At the end of the project many girls were aware with fundamentals of ICT and basics of computer knowledge.

It was such great experience to engage with them and be part of their development on ICT aspect.

Am encouraging other NGO's and individuals to take part in promoting awareness and providing access to ICT and computers to people in rural areas, they really need support.

Visit their website to learn more

Apart from being there in providing training based on life skills and ICT as assigned to, I get to understand how the Kilwa society is, how people behave and the opportunities found there based on social, and economic. 

The most interesting thing is the ocean which I always scare to try to get in, but the good news is, I even tried to swim and remove the fear.

It was nice serving the society for that moment and make it to fullest.

Much thanks to YAPO, for giving me a chance to learn and train others.

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