My best therapy

 If there would be a prize for those who took many pictures in 2020 I could be in top 3 or 5. Well when entering in 2020, I promised myself to be the best memory keeper, and the only way to keep those memories, is by writing about moments and taking picture whenever I feel like doing so. I trained myself to love pictures, and absolutely get addiction with taking photo. It feels so good, very good.

Apart from taking pictures in events that I used to attend, I took my time to set a timer able for pictures, none knew this if I had a plan of taking not less than 15 pictures a week. But huh, I had been even taken 300 pictures a day.

Let's talk about who shot me, umh! My photographers became boring to some points when I took so long to like the pictures they took, but eventually I trained them to love taking pictures and get engaged in my activity. Shout to those who fell in love with taking pictures, am counting you again this year.

I've never felt like doing the activity for financial purpose, but in therapy manner, pictures drive my mind lovely and crazy, it is my best therapy activity. It taught me to put a smile whenever, wherever, just because my mind was aware that I can take a picture anytime.

Pictures inspired me to travel, explore the nature, hike and ride, and greatly get aware of how great God is, the creation and the world is full of wonders. 2020 was hardest and funniest year for me.

It was nice capturing the sad, and happy moments, I even remember the most saddest day in last semister, I cried and cried, finally I came out with the best pictures that none of you would believe if it was sad day.

I've been hearing the "sad generation with happy pictures". It is affecting when doing the activity for some other purposes like bragging out and life faking, and this is real, too much faking from pictures.

Pictures remind me to keep the smile real even far way from the camera.

I am counting 1000's pictures this year and they are all amazing.

Enjoy few pictures I took last year from my Instagram account, and I can not wait to receive my 2020 hardcopy album so soon😊❤️

Here comes a poem from my friend, Katherine Angelous Nziku.

And she gonna pose for every picture Just like that She will smile to make it look bright But she's in pain She's gonna Not stop falling in love again Keep walking on earth She gonna give a birth and all her life will be her child She's gonna Keep shading tears Hiding away the pains She's gonna pose for every picture In order to be remembered with a smile on her face Rotting in inside she is casted away Her mind is fragile but she gonna hold on anyways She is not smiling anymore She's gonna look at the mirror and laugh at her face She is a sad person But she make sure she always gonna pose for every picture


Share with me your best pictures via my email, I will share them out😊

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  1. thank you i have get much interest of your works

  2. U always do amazing things I got inspired much