2019TakeAways - Farida Ally

 Hi, it has been a bit long time since I shared the last piece with you, but am reminding you that we have only left with few days to 2021, 

Before my last post for this year fortunately I met this one amazing girl. Farida Ally is a leader and beautiful girl from Kenya, she has shared some #2019TakeAways , flow with her,

You can provide yours TakeAways in comment🤩


What are you feeding your soul? I often ask myself this question a lot. At times, I’m guilty of praying with impure motives, only wanting to satisfy my desires which results in asking for the wrong reasons. I go before God like he owes me something because I’ve been “obedient” like okay God, I’ve done all you’ve asked of me. Can you please just answer my prayers & give me more believing that it will fulfill my appetite. Not realizing how selfish I am for not trusting His timing. I allow wanting more to hinder me from seeing all that God has already given me is what I really need.

 I too have fallen in the trap of building a friendship with this world, buying these cheap substitutes with this idea that it can cure this hunger my soul longs for. I mean it looks, tastes & feels good right? Yes, but losing your soul in exchange for false satisfaction will only leave empty holes that will never be completely filled. It’s like pouring water in a cup with a hole at the bottom. It drains itself. I promise you it’s not worth it. And I’m learning this everyday. 

My desires & what I feed my spirit needs to align with God’s truth. These distractions surrounding me on a daily, to seek this or that, go after everything, pursue this, chase after that, will be discerned by God’s truth not what everyone around me is doing or saying I should do in order to be “successful” in this life. Ask yourself this, “What am I buying into & does it align with God’s will for my life?”

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