A leader who had no title-4

After reading all 3 series, here comes the last one. 

The series reminded us leadership in us. Read the last one, and this is absolutely my favorite principle.

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When I started reading about this fourth and the last principle of lead without a title philosophy, I remembered when I was in secondary school, there was this academic prefect who was not performing very well in class. As the responsibility of an academic prefect, one has a duty of ensuring that every student adheres to the night preparation time. The funny thing is, there were some of his classmates who used to sleep during prep time, and whenever he found them, he would tell them "hey guys, how come you are sleeping while you should have been studying now?". To his surprise, some of them were rude enough to tell him "look at this dude, hey man, go to the notice board and compare my performance with yours, go now and see if you've performed better comeback to tell me about going to study, otherwise you go to study and do better so that you can have that power of telling me I should be studying at this moment".The boys then lost his power of leading others, not because he wasn't a good leader, but because those he was leading, assumed him to be incompetent in what he does. Hey guys, I'm not saying that a leader should know everything or should be a high degree expert in what he does, but what I'm trying to say is, to be a great leader, first become a great person!

It will be a way easier for you to lead others, if you have awakened your inner talent of leadership and put yourself in a position where people can respect and appreciate you as a great person, even before they recognize you as a great leader. You should always remember that, every great leader is also a great person, and that a great person always precedes a great leader. This principle of "lead without a title" philosophy is the fundamental of all and it is all about the importance of training and strengthening your inner leader so that you perform at an extraordinary level when you go out to work. Lead yourself first. Only then will you get to a place as a person where you can lead other people. This final lesson is all about personal leadership!

It is very difficult to unleash the best in your teammates without being connected with the  best in you! You can not see the excellence in your exterior world if you have not awakened the excellence in your interior world. Lead and influence others around you by the powerful example you set. To be a great leader, first become a great person! Always keep in mind that greatness is an inner event with outer consequences. Be a great person!! Someone will ask me a question "how can I become a great person?". Well, being a great person is not an outward event, but an inner process that almost always depends on how we see and perceive ourselves and our circumstances. We are the product of our behaviours which are the differentials of our thoughts! Yes! we are who we think. Our thoughts determine our being.

To be a great leader, you need to be a great person! Everyone of us has a natural tendency to see through blind spots and limiting beliefs. These blind spots and limited beliefs of what we are capable of doing keep us stuck in average. You can not unleash the greatness out of you if you do not unleash a great thought out of our brains! We are who we think! To be a great person, be a great thinker. We never act in a way that is inconsistent with the way we see ourselves. Human beings just don't behave in a way that's incongruent with their expectations. Be a great person. Give the best out of you so that you can be in a good position of unleashing the best out of others. To be a great leader you first need to become a great person!

What an awesome review! I think we've read a book already, huh (joke). I would love to thank David Joseph, for preparing this awesome book review series, a worthy reading one! Kudos to him. 

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