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 Let's now see what has been brought by the beautiful mind of our dear friend, David. He is on this principle again.


Back in the days, when I was a kid, I used to love playing with butterflies.  I was really in love with these beautiful creatures to the extent of spending the whole day watching them as they mingled around nature, no wonder I am still craving for flowers up to this day. I remember one day, I saw a caterpillar shedding its cocoon. But it seemed to be having trouble without making any progress. In an effort to be helpful to the caterpillar potentiated with the curiosity to see a new butterfly formed out of nowhere, I took my pen-knife and cut off the remaining pieces of the cocoon. To my surprise, rather than emerging as a precious butterfly, the caterpillar died. I was very sorry, and I felt guilt. I later came to learn that the caterpillar needed to experience the struggle of moving out of the cocoon to grow into a butterfly. My little beautiful, pure mind told me that cutting off the remaining part of the cocoon could ease the hardship and I would therefore have helped it to become a butterfly with less struggle. But I was wrong! By my good intention of cutting off the cocoon to help the caterpillar, I prevented it from experiencing the struggle of becoming a precious butterfly, and I therefore denied the caterpillar its chance to fly!

The metaphor of this caterpillar I denied its chance to grow, applies in our life because the life we live is never always a rainbow and butterflies.

As a leader and a person, there is one point in life that you will experience difficult times. There is a place that you will face new challenges and tough moments that will create fear, discomfort and confusion in your mind. The key here is not whether you'll face them, because you will face them. The key is what you will do in difficult times. 

These difficult times in leadership and in life, though they create fear and discomfort, they are the opportunities in disguise for us to grow. It is through navigating these times that we know our true leadership potentials. It is through these tough times that we exactly know what we are capable of. We should always embrace these new challenges as they help us to explore our abilities, our weaknesses, our hidden talents and elevate our skills.

Instead of pulling ourselves back from these new challenges and hiding ourselves in our comfort zones, we must be ready to move out of our limits. The more we dare to spin out in the limits of our comfort zones, the more our limits expand. We should all know that there is no growth without discomfort. After all, "life begins at the end of our comfort zones, the rest is just waiting" says Neale Donald Walsch.

Everyone is good in their comfort zones, but what differentiate great leaders is their ability to embrace new challenges and perceive turbulent times as their only opportunities to grow and unleash their new potentials.

Turbulent times come with fear, confusion and chaos. But out of confusion comes clarity and from chaos always flows the order. And if we fearlessly stay with the change process, we'll actually arrive at a new order that is significantly better than the one that existed before all the transition began.  So breakdowns lead to breakthroughs.

We should always remember that, in every challenge there is an equal opportunity and that in every curse, lies a complimentary blessing. It is a matter of learning to positively interpret situations because problems only become problems when we make them problems.

When facing new challenges in leadership and tough conditions in life, the better option is to adapt them and embrace them for growth. It is through these difficult times that we can appreciate the absolute necessity of choosing growth over complacency-even though complacency feels better in the short term. Anyway, please remember the idea that the more time you spend in your discomfort zone, the more your comfort zone will expand. Afterall, "we could never learn to be brave and patient if there was only joy in the world" says Hellen Keller. Therefore to grow and unleash our greatest potentials and realize our dormant talents during difficult times, to survive during turbulence, we need to adapt to the change and be persistent and patient while trusting the process of transformation to new levels of leadership. 

Wooaahh! Thank you for reading this amazing series of book review, and only we are going to learn the 4 principles that obtained by David from the book.

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