5km to fight against HIV/AIDs


Well, I've been hearing about marathon, and sometimes witnessing how different groups of people participate in it.

On commemorating World's Aids day, the marathon was prepared, and I voluntarily decided to participate, at first I thought of 10Km, but later on, go with 5km.

My first marathon, and that was surely curiosity drove me there..uhm.

I got tired and almost giving up to finish the run, but I made it, yes, I made it to top 10 as a 5th person (in female).

Back to the day, the day that always reminds us on how HIV/AIDs has been a very critical problem to our society, particular in our African continent.

But what is my responsibility as youth, a girl to ensure I stop this?

Everyone matters, I use my platforms to remind people, especially youths that, HIV/AIDs is there, and we should all stop the spread of the disease, by doing what?

By ensuring that we check our health status everynow and then, and also, use protective ways to stop the spread, especially all who are already engaged in sexual intercourse. 

But where are the victims? Do we, society making follow up to ensure they are in good condition, regarding their way of using their medicines? Are their mental health in good state? Do we engage them in all community activities including entertaining ones like sports? Do we make them comfortable with talking about their health status? So should we!!

And do you think about girls in Universities and all education institutions? They are in high risk to be trapped in the disease, they face challenge to have sex with the people and leaders in position for them to be favoured? But what is my role as a young girl? 

The research shows how risk the young girls are in getting HIV/AIDs, girl, wake up, and stop the transmission!


"Kati ya vijana 80 wenye maambukizi mapya, vijana 64 vijana wa kike." ~ Bi. Dorothy Mwaluko,

Katibu Mkuu Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu (Sera, Uratibu na Bunge)"

In every 80 new HIV/AIDs cases, 64 cases are of young girls.

Am dedicating the prize to all HIV/AIDs victims and to all people, organizations both national and international for their support and initiatives to stop the spread of the disease!



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