Her voice Matters


At Karimjee, Posta DSM on commemoration of International day of girl child organized by Bright Jamii Initiative and other organizations, I started writing this little piece, after asking a girl (12) near me, “what are you celebrating today”, the response was, “sijui leo siku ya msichana, sijui mwanamke, hata sielewi, sisi tumeambiwa tuje”

I don’t know who is going to read this, but help your daughter, young sis, niece and friend to read this too.

Dear little girl,

I really can’t tell you what you are going to encounter in next seconds, minutes, hours or days and years, but I hope this can help you in finding better direction towards the best carrier you need to pursue or that awesome dream which rolls in your mind frequently and absolutely the future that you are going to face.

Dear girl child, do you remember that awesome dream that you used to have, or may be still having it? Being a doctor, engineer, teacher, pilot or activist? Dear girl child, regardless the kind of the family you are from, protecting yourself, neighbor, friend and many other girls from any kind of limits towards your and their dreams should be your first priority. 

Little girls in families, schools and communities have been facing many challenges which limit themselves to reach their amazing dreams. Such kind of sexual violence, including raping, female genital mutilation, deep punishment and so on, have you ever experience one of them? Again, they face these from people they trust, closed ones.

Can you see your own light? Are you aware of your strong and confident voice?

As 2020 theme on International day of gild child says, My voice, Our equal future! This is the best theme for you young girls, as it reminds you the role you should play to bring a favorable future for you and for the whole world.

I am aware of times when you feel so small, the times that you think “I cannot speak about this”. Dear girl child, the world moves so fast, and if you stay where you are, without using such a beautiful, confident and strong voice for yourself and your friends, you can’t achieve the wonderful dream that you always speak to yourself. Come to know the voice inside you, the voice that needs to be heard to bring changes.

Your voice matters. Girl child, never count your age when it comes to protect yourself, report any kind of actions that’s not right for you. Speak out when raped, heard about your coming marriage, or any kind of sexual violence. Talk to a friend, parents, leaders, and police, social welfare officers,  also you can call 116, a free telephone  helpline for children and adults to call for help when a child has been abused or their rights violated. Spaces are created for you, young girl, to raise your voice.

Participate in classes, sports and debates, learn more and explore yourself to find your great passion.

Remind you, you are interesting, unique and gifted. You are important in bringing the best future that we all want. Always remember, My voice, our equal future.



Enjoy the poem!

Hello young girl

What a beautiful day it is

To tell you a story

One your ears will not tire to hear

One to which your soul shall jump

One to which your hair will stand

To sing along with the birds outside your bedroom window

Your bones is where your mother’s strength lies,

And with it, her foremothers’

You are reminded to get up and fight,

With wings of an eagle sculptured on the hills of your back,

Pick up your banner and soar into the clouds, for

The ground gets too dusty with time.

Battles have to be won,

With a multitude of every bone before you,

Unleash your core,

Win for you and those after you.

You are with a fountain,

That never dries out of love,

A little for you,

And some for the world,

The earth too will stand and fight in your name

You, a bundle of love.

And the world will send its worst

Yet your strength burns through your eyes

The lioness in you

Is bound to win every battle

You, a bundle of love.

Do you hear 

Of what they speak

Their tongues are filled with snakes

Their lips made soft for you to tread onto the trap they set

Alas young girl

For the future does not rest

It follows you 

Let not their lies fall upon your lips

And their crooked smiles

Rest upon your shoulders

You, a bundle of love

Look the sun sets

Only to rise again tomorrow

Today you shall walk upon the earth

Tomorrow shall you conquer

And we will hear of the stories

“Young girl slain a beast!”

You, a bundle of love!


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