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I was among the youths who got the chance to attend in the TANZANIA INTERNATIONAL MODEL OF UNITED NATIONS (TIMUN) in the year 2020 held in Arusha, Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology . I applied for it because I wanted to experience how TIMUN is, and absolutely to be among the youths who can participate in creating what they are particularly want through sharing different views depending on the theme of the year. Also, to be among the youth representative in expressing what youths hold in their minds, youths whom I left by streets, university and community as whole.

Theme of TIMUN 2020, was “YOUTH ROLE IN CREATING THE FUTURE WE WANT”. The questions popped in my mind, what kind of future we want? Do we know what present hold for us? Can we experience the change in society depending on change in science and technology and other aspects? Are we ready for choosing what we want? Do we have power in making what we want? Is our environment conducive to accept what suggestions we have on our minds? And more questions kept on flowing and flowing.

As TIMUN is, I was assigned to represent Republic of Ghana as my delegation; I was happily to represent it. Firstly, it is African country and also it has been facing challenges socially, economically, environmentally that my country, Tanzania also faces. I conducted a partial research to be aware of what am representing.


Based on my caucus, Gender Based Violence is a violation of human rights and falls under the United Nations SDGs No. 5. Compared to males, females have been highly experiencing gender based violence, physically like wife beating, sexually like raping, and psychologically in different environment, such as working places, schools and badly in families. Lack of awareness on women’s rights and sexual reproductive health education give out the narrow ability for women and young girls to defend themselves from gender based violence and problems associated with gender and sexuality. During the time of pandemic, the sexual and gender based violences have been increasing and is very likely to go unreported.  It is important to solve the problem so as to allow their fully participation of females in contributing to development.

In one of the panel, moderated by Ms Ummilkheri, I asked the question which states that, “Gender based violence has always been characterized by female victimhood and male perpetration. All of the panelists depends on their fields, do you create conducive areas/platforms for males to be able to speak out when facing gender based violence without feeling ashamed and without being humiliated?”.

Among the answers I got, was, “Males have already gotten natural privilege over females”.

It was suggested that, the education systems and curriculum should be the ones which clearly address GBV and SRHR since change begins from a young stage to the elderly stage, and to keep on advocating for them, interior areas should be highly included.

From other caucuses, starting with caucus 1, YOUTH INVOLVEMENT IN CIRCULAR ECONOMY PARADIGM, I was interested on how we can fully transform the economy from linear economy to circular economy where we can also choose to save and conserve environment for the betterment of our communities. Youths carry the big proportion in country’s population and they need support in realizing their potentials and seize their own opportunities. Better policies and conducive laws depending on their environment are highly needed to make the easiest way for them to pursue their activities smoothly. Youth are urged to advocate circular economy to their areas of specification or field, as to enhance the general knowledge about the circular economy within the scope of the specification or field. The education and awareness that provided by NGOs on circular economy should be provided in both rural or interior areas and urban or accessible areas so as to have a wider understanding of circular economy.

From caucus 2, YOUTH ROLE IN PEACE BUILDING, violation of human rights and life hardships are what makes people to break peace. Everyone, youths ahead, is responsible in building peace, firstly individually and then, nationally. Government, by making easier way for people to access basic needs and ensuring the conservation of human rights. All member states are urged to adopt regular systematic meaningful participation of youth as an essential condition for sustainable inclusiveness and success of peace build effort especially where youth population density is high. All nations are appealed to forbid the use of weaponry and firearms to the youths.

From caucus 4, YOUTH SKILLS FOR DECENT WORK AND EMPLOYMENT, the resolutions fall under sustainable development goals number 4  which looks at quality education and 8 which looks at decent work and employment, and it was highly suggested that policies, systems and education curriculum should of ensuring capacity and carrier building of the students for them to be eligible to works, employment and entrepreneurship as self employment. The resolutions made without forgetting the special groups particularly people with disabilities.

Both caucuses, appreciates the efforts made to solve the challenges in all the aspects, from inside the country, the government itself, to international organizations such as ILO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNHCR etc, and generally United Nations which brought us, youths, to this amazing platform, TIMUN. And all resolutions made, based on youth roles, as how every youth hold a part in solving global challenges starting from individual level. Government and non government institutions are emphasized to provide support to the youths starting with the creation of conducive policies and laws that can pave a way to easier implementation of the resolutions.

TIMUN painted this year with the best colors ever, as I met new youths with widen minds, new thoughts and who hold bright future. This had made me learn many new things, reminded me of where I get wrong and how to make things clear.

I have never been in such general assembly led by Honorable Mr President Kelvin Ntuli Mwamukonda, which gave us experience on how to make things happening in General Assembly as delegates. Supporting and defending whenever it needs, taught us to know and choose what we really need for ourselves. I came to learn about diplomacy and how to practice it. I became inspired with how youths works hard for the betterment of our societies

Youths at large, should take over in promoting the 17 sustainable development goals, in your respective area, you are responsible to promote the goals, “if it is huge task, then choose one to focus on” - Mr Pascal Masalu. Everyone should create the impact, and create the best present and the best coming future ahead.

Youths hold not only future as it is believed but the present as it affects in future making. It was recommended that youths should engage in contesting in different government positions so as to be among those who create policies for community, who made laws and generally who chooses for the community.

I personally will be attending this platform, TIMUN as inspired by brother, Mr Raheem Nassor (NSA, Global Fund) who has been attending many TIMUN’s, and am recommending all youths who are reading this special piece, to apply for it next year TIMUN2021, for the aim of learning, connecting and be part of change, remind you, your voice matters, your ideas matter, and TIMUN is the best platform to share your solutions for a better future, be part of change.

I really do remember her tone, during the closing ceremony, representative of United Nations Tanzania, Ms Grace Mongi, urged us all, to go and change lives for our own betterment and other people’s too. “GO AND CHANGE LIVES”.

This year, United Nations is celebrating 75 years anniversary in the world. For the efforts that have been made by this international unit, I expect that less years to come we will be in the world that is conducive for everyone, but how will this happen without everyone to choose UN’s path? UN cares of every problem that has been facing the current and future world, this has been proved by the creation of 17 sustainable development goals which were divided to world’s challenges accordingly. I appreciate the work done by UN, in initiating the dialogues within and across the boarders regarding different generations, aiming to reach many people as possible, to listen to their hopes and fears, and learn from their experiences, lastly empower them to think and act globally.

UN secretary general launched UN75 initiative on January 2020, as the way to celebrate 75 years of United Nations. Currently, UN75 is the largest conversation conducted globally, be part of it by sharing your experience, hopes and fears, achievement made by UN, your ideas and thoughts where to improve. We shape our future together.

To United Nations, I hope that, some years later, the world will be full of gender equality, females will be in room of opportunities as men, participate fully in decision making. Youths will not be crying for employments since the education policies, systems and curriculum will be of building their capacity and improving their creativity. The world will be practicing circular economy which creates a lot of opportunities, they will be eligible to works, employments and entrepreneurship. Since the awareness will be raised on climate change, and precautions are taken, the world will not be crying for climatic change and impacts. The world will be full of peace and security.

My fears, will all people participate and get involved in making the world as the better place? If not then, we will experience hardships in every aspect of life, gender inequality and high degree of unemployment, lack of peace and wars everywhere. The world will no longer be a better one for anyone. Am calling everyone to engage him or herself in shaping the present and the future that we want.

Special appreciations to TIMUN Organizing Committee led by Mr Phillip Mweleka, Mr Pascal Masalu (ELIMIKA WIKIEND), Ms Godfrida Magubo, “GodFreedHer” (UNA Tanzania), Ms Hortencia Nuhu, Mr Marx Chocha, Mr Oscar Kalinga (Plan International), Action Aid, UN tanzania. UNDP Tanzania, UNICEF Tanzania, Global Fund, YUNA Tanzania and many other organizations and people who gave themselves for us, youths, to learn from. I really appreciate the one who paid for me so as I can attend this wonderful event.

Thank you for reading, please share it out.

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