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Lets Read met a lady, a poetess and an advocate!


Aisha Saidi Kingu (ASK) is a young Tanzanian poetess, speaker and an advocate of the High Court of Tanzania, currently based in Tanzania    aspiring to use her   writing to impact and delight lives. 
Aisha is a member of Commonwealth Partnership of Technology Management (CPTM). She is a Founding Partner at JKB Advocates and Legal Consultant, a firm that aspires to provide legal value beyond measure, with all ethical integrity in place and professional adhered skills.
She is devoted in helping people figure out their talents and their way forward while nurturing them. She feels thrilled to see people succeed, knowing that she played a part in changing their lives for their better being. To do that she uses poetry and Art generally to educate youth in schools and at societal level on their potentialities, how to utilize them in connection with Technology to bring about economic development.   She also uses her legal knowledge to provide legal services to the society that she lives in.

Why Poetry Rebirth?

“Poetry Rebirth is a book whose soul seeks to grow and glow in the minds, hearts and entire human self. It sings, dances, draws, paints and even crafts in the world of words, for each word that form a verse that turns into a stanza intends to create the deepest connection in the world of imagination, inspiration, invention, progression, even designation. Poetry Rebirth is an artistic voice to reach thousands. Reborn in style, reborn in design, poetry rebirth a melody to the music in poetry. A book full of life, breathing in the world of art, leaving footprints in the hearts of most. Poetry rebirth, a refreshment in whole.”

What made you write this book? 

Passion is the reason why I wrote the "Poetry Rebirth", intending to educate, entertain, inspire and motivate the audience. I wrote down poems and then I thought, why not share them with the world and let poetry do to them what it has done to me.
How many poems are there in this book? And why that number? 
The book has 101 poems and each poem carries a different theme, message and energy.
A lot of people ask me why 101 but I keep asking myself why not 101.  They are all special poems and at a certain point of writing them, 101 felt right so I went on to publish them.

Who do you recommend to read? 

Millennials and all others who love and enjoy reading.
This is because Poetry Rebirth is all about reviving the Energy and Hope within all of us. It’s an all-season read and most of all as some have given me the feedback that “Poetry Rebirth is not a one-time read”.
In two words, Describe this book.
“Poetry Rebirth”

Are you already writing or planning to write and publish other books?

Yes, sure, many more to come. Writing and Publishing is a process that requires time and attention. So, at the moment I will let the audience enjoy Poetry Rebirth.

Where can Poetry Rebirth be found?

Please dial 0717306242 or visit Morocco, Faykat Tower 11th floor for further details.
We are currently shortlisting the Bookshops that will have this book, once they are there then we will communicate will our readers.

Instagram: aishaskingu
Twitter: KinguAisha

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