A leader who had no title!

 A new series of book review has come. This time, our brother, David Joseph, has brought us the review from the book he did read.

Are you interested with leadership? And do you know kind of books which say about it? Here comes a book which speaks about it, leadership.



In these series, you will get to know the principles he obtained from the book, and actually he wanted to share with us all. Here comes first post, starting from the first principle.


"If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets as Michelangelo painted or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespearepoetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, “Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”


As the world changes the pace of its uncertainties, people should also change the way they define leadership. Leadership isn't anymore for CEOs or high government officials. Everyone needs to practice leadership regardless of their positions or their titles. The myth that to be a leader you must have a title is nothing more than an old wrath. I'm not saying we should not have leaders in our organizations or companies. I'm not saying we should remove the CEOs from firms simply because we can all become leaders. We need these titles for organizational structure. We need people to carry the vision. We need people who can maintain order out of chaos. There must be people to take the ultimate responsibilities of the results. But we should all be aware that you need no title to become a leader. All you need is just to be a breathing human being. Yes! That's it! I know someone is saying, so this guy is telling us to forget about titles? Don't he know that titles do bring power? Of course I know! And I can't disagree that titles do bring power! But you know what's unfortunate with the power that the titles bring? The power always goes away when the title is taken!

With all the revolutionary change that's happening in life, we really need to change the perception of being a leader. In fact, everyone needs to be a leader. Give the best out of you in every role that you are assigned to do. No role is a small role! To accomodate all the changes that's happening in our lives and in business, we should create a new model of leadership which is all about creating an environment and culture where everyone can show leadership. Everyone needs to drive innovation. Everyone needs to inspire their teammates. Everyone needs to embrace change. Everyone needs to take responsibility for results. Everyone needs to be positive. Everyone needs to become devoted to expressing their absolute best. And once they do, the organization not only will adapt beautifully to the changing conditions, but will also lead within its field. The brilliant thing with this new model of leadership is that one does not need a title to be a leader. This new model of leadership just needs us to assume personal responsibility by becoming the CEOs of our own roles and leaders within our current positions. This new model of leadership entails that, regardless of whether you have a formal title or not, you have an absolute total control of how you show up in your current role. Give nothing but the absolute best in whatever you are doing. Work should not be merely a means to pay the  bills but a platform to express your best. A job should be a gorgeous opportunity to grow into the all you were meant to be rather than a rough way to get through the hours of your day. Employment should not be a vehicle to pass your time but an excellent chance to shine a light on other people and a way to use your days to build a better organization-and in so doing-a better world. You don't need a formal authority to lead anymore-just a desire of getting involved and producing a positive impact. Always remember that the life's simplest pleasures are the life's most precious ones. And always don't forget to give nothing but the best. If you are working, give the best in your work. If you are in college or in school, give the best out of it! Anyone can produce the best out of themselves regardless of whether they have formal authority or not.

As I said, no role is a small role, and so no task is a small task. Give it all in everything you do, no matter how small it is! Leave no duty undone, no matter how useless it may seem to be!  

Every one of us alive at this moment has the power to go to work everyday and express his absolute best within us. And you need no title to do that.

Every one of us alive today has the power to inspire, influence, and elevate each person we meet by the gift of a great example. And you need no title to do that. Every one of us alive with life can passionately drive positive change in the face of negative conditions. And you need no title to do that. Every one of us alive to the truth about leadership can treat all stakeholders with respect, appreciation, and kindness—and in so doing raise the organization’s culture to best of breed. And you need no title to do that! Do the very best in whatever duty you are doing, give nothing but the best, that's all about the principle "you need no title to be a leader". Remember, nothing but the best!!

Hey leader, have you caught any?! 

See you on the next post, and the second principle will be expressed!

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