Self Love Letter - Dear Self!


Dear Self,

How have you been?!

Are you okay?

Hopefully you are. And here is me, writing this to appreciate, encourage and provide my compliments.

Dear self, I firsty congratulate you on different achievements you've been made day by day, the way you keep parents and closed ones proud is convincing me to say congratulations. Babes, despite how tough the road is you still hold it little more, I love how you always say "hold on little more" , not only to yourself, but to many people out there. Dear self, remind you to smile back no matter how many waves life throws at you. Dear self, do you have an idea to how much I genuinely love you, or just things both material and immaterial ones I love from you. Wait, you are trying to be kind in your own ways, and that's look so good on you, despite of how evil the word is full of, you try, and that's impressive. Dear self, never mind if you didn't act good sometimes, babes, you are a human being and that's all about being human, imperfections.

Dear self, I love how charming, friendly and lovely you are, there is a person you bless for you to be that way, keep it up.

I was about to forget this, a little one, but smart and I need you to be more than that, it is not enough.

Dear self, do you remember the mistakes you did, yes you shouldn't forget them darling, learn from them but never regret, you were counted to pass through it. Many people do mistakes but some do learn from them, be among them, some. Dear self, allow yourself to grow in different ways, just 20 years huh, babe live and grow.

Dear self, I fully permit you to say NO, when you feel saying so, you can't be flexible everytime and say YES everytime.

Dear self, I remember times you were rejected, in class, in room with opportunities and sometimes to friend, better you never experience this to a boyfriend, I've been hearing it hurts (laughs), darling you cried and sometimes went to shout to remove pains, sweetheart, it's okay for you to be rejected, remind you, sometimes it's true you are not eligible to places you wanted to be accepted, work hard and smart to be so, but sis, sometimes God helps you to get you out of it, may be it wasn't for you, dear self, once rejected, celebrate. Dear self, it's okay to feel not okay, you should experience that sometimes, that's being human.

Dear self, whatever it takes you into, your happiness comes first, your peace is much better than pride.

In peace, we rely on.

Dear self, remind you to work smart and hard, And God will do the rest,

Please buy those books in your list and shoes you saw at Mwenge when you get cash (laughs)

Dear self, I would lastly love to thank you for choosing me, to be with you in all times, you are amazing and I enjoy that.

Girl, keep the good work, and be kind.


You can use this to reflect self you,

Cheer up, and celebrate being you.

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