Being a teenager

Now, People around teens, should understand the changes from teenagers. That's constant change, sometimes it can be very tough times to them in trying fixing some negative behavioral changes. Thats all about being a parent or guardian.

I was also a teenager, just a year ago. I tried to make it at it's fullest and still do.

Teenage is about being 13 to 19 years old. I spent years from form 2 to the first year of my University studies.

But being a teenager is more than just being 13 to 19 years old. It carries a lot that we are always not aware of. 

For parents and guardians, do you remember what things you used to do at your teen age? Were they worth doing, or was it just okay and felt fine doing them as they brought you happiness?

Teenage is also associated with adolescence, which brings a lot of challenges to the teens. Since adolescence can come with the random ways, smart and confusions, best and worse and some other things, all which can affect a teenager positively or negatively.

Teen Age is a time of changes on how teenagers think, feel, and interact with others, and how their bodies grow. They develop physically, emotionally and cognitively.

During this time, a teen needs advice and surroundings that will create a good space to grow well.

“It's normal for teens to get moody, frustrated, and irritable from time to time,” explained Dr. Vinay Saranga, a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Apex, North Carolina. 

“Adolescence is a period of transition and teens have to work through new emotions, thoughts, and feelings”.

Myself, I made a lot of mistakes, being moody, and changes in interests, new emotions and thoughts all happened, I was confused, and sometimes I was not ready to hear that am wrong. But it was about being a teenager.

Parents and some other people were there, advising and talking about it, but still I thought i was absolutely right in everything I am doing, and seeing absolutely no any bad side of mine.

Teenagers on risk behaviours.

It's hard to not allow your teen (sister, brother, son , daughter) from what he or she wants to do during teen age. I also wanted the freedom to do what I wanted to do, to go where I wanted to.

Teenagers need their freedom, but indirectly they also need guidance. They want more opportunities and space to make their own choices. And even if a teen is responsible and mature for his or her age, there is still typical teenage behavior he or she should not be doing. As a parent, guide your teen not to do them, and as a teenager, try not to do them.

Avoid risky behaviours that can lead to some further challenges which can affect you as a teenager, psychologically and sometimes physically and emotionally.

Avoid peer groups which lead to risky actions such as drug abuse, prostitution etc.

Currently, cyberspace affects teenagers to a great extent once allowed to use it without having full awareness concerning the area, Youths including teenagers join the space too. From my friend, White Frank, who once said "Don't record or keep anything you can not defend on public".

Don't let cyber addiction, once happened, to affect you, you will get bullied and this will lead to stress, depression and sometimes committing suicide.

If not careful, for girls, teen pregnancies can affect one's life, they can lead to deaths, health problems or affect the whole structure of your life. Avoid underage sex. Be careful both, girls and boys.


Make it to your fullest.

Teenage is a time that a teenager can use to explore, find, and make a good description about him or herself. 

The good thing about being a teenager, it is also an excuse to try different things, a teenager can do a lot of things as long as an excuse "being a teenager" is there. Less responsibilities allows a teen to do what she or he wants.

It's also a room for mistakes, do a lot of mistakes "not intentionally", but if it happens, then never regret them, it's a teen time to learn through mistakes, once we fail, we learn and grow.

Being in your best shape is best thing in Teen Age. Get to shape yourself and find the best shape that you fit in, recreate and recreate till you create the best you.

I had day dreams and still have them, which inspire me to do the best I can more and more.

Have them.

The teenagers experience some hardest parts in their teenage life. To start with, the teenagers want to act like adults but adults don't take them into account. I passed here too. That's okay.

Lastly, get yourself well spiritually both Muslims and christians, that's where you can be helped avoid risky behaviours that you, a teenager can be attracted to.

Learn many new things through reading, watching and listening to others.

Remind you about reproductive health education, sexuality matters which have been really avoided by our parents, learn more about them, and don't let yourself be ignorant to them.

Enjoy your teen age, it comes once in all your life time. Allow yourself (your daughter and son) to grow, learn, and glow.

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