You are All You Can Be


Do you know what is driving you? Why do you work so hard to get what you want? Do you know your purpose? 

The reasons for what you want to achieve are your WHY. Your WHY is very much related to your purpose in life.

We may have everything that we could ever want and be successful in whatever we do in life but trust me, you are still empty inside and your life can still lack meaning if you've no any purpose in life said *one priest* in a homily.

At times you may have achieved your dream(s). You are famous. Then what? You are the best in class So what?? You are the best artist So what??

As a matter of fact, achievements, wealth and recognition in themselves are useless if they don't answer the WHY question. 

WHY? because the reason for doing something is more important than what is done.

Everything has a *purpose* in life. The arts, science, living things and non living things, have a *purpose of being.* 

Each plays its own part in the essential architecture of life. Every invention for instance, responds to a question, a why question. Its an answer to someone's problem (s).

Most of us exist rather than living. We live year in and year out as if living itself is our prime goal. If we've enough money to survive throughout the year we are satisfied.  Trust me, there's more than that to our lives as *Michael Jackson* in his song *Heal the World* insists on  stoping existing and start living.

What's your contribution to the world? Does your being make any difference to anyone, to others?

The answer to these questions reflect your *WHY.* Your *WHY* is the powerful motive you desire something or things.

Desiring alone is not enough, reasons as to *WHY* you desire hold water. Your *WHY* is so much connected to your *PURPOSE* in life.

Find your *Purpose* for you are all you can be. Go and be it.

   @Nguvu ya Maarifa

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