What Do You do everyday?!

So we all have somethings we do every single day, it can be whatever as long as it always stays on your daily routine.

Let's read from few people and know about stuffs they do every day despite how the timetable is.

 (Loyce Kisepe, University student, Baker "LoMis Treats Bakery)

I pray

It generates energy, activate and brings joy and motivation to go after my to do list

Looking up at myself, my dreams, it makes me realise that every single day I have to add value to what I have to become either thinking,reading or talking about it or discovering more about it

The fact of knowing if the people I value are fine and stable

That brings peace and joy and enlighten my day

(Neema Nyamsogoro, University Student)

Talk to myself,

This thing I dont really make it happen..ni kwamba it's just there cjui by default...

It did not start as a way to maybe to affirm myself or to make sth good to my mental health hapana..

It's just there..I mostly talk to myself because it's a behaviour though sometimes....when I need it ndo I can now use it for my goodwill

Make myself smile

When you make yourself smile...just that act makes you in a good mood...I mean it's more about the muscles unazozifanya zismile that are working...

You making a smile ni kama unazitrigger

Yes they surely should..

Smiling is the best make up..its the best comeback..its a weapon!!

(Katherine Angelous, University student, Poet)

There was a moment in my life when I had so much going on in my life ...I used to be a very introvert person like qi had few friends and I couldn't really trust them with my stuffs so I  used to cry alone whenever feelings overwhelm me I couldn't tell anyone so they tortured me aloat...I had to find a way to express them , I was desperate looking for the way to get rid of such things and pain full memories, I wanted to tell someone about how happy iam today but I couldn't trust anyone with my whatever feelings so I bought a pen and diary from there I began to write...and my writing journey begins there so to me writing is like a therapy....its like telling my feelings I have recognise your existence, it's like giving life to my feelings...yet writing on the diary couldn't help me reach aloat of people..and I wanted to communicate with them through my writing...that is when I started writing poems...and I could share to aloat of people...so since I can't express whatever iam facing or what society is facing or when I  can't inspire people through speaking I do  write it and share  it to the world ....so to me writing feels home, its the only way I can communicate with different people

And I do write everyday even a single line because it is the only way I get lost to my world and communicate with aloat of people

And apart from my daily activities like waking up, going to class, eating,  doing exercises and whatever ...I find time to read even one chapter of a novel or any book ...through reading I learn different things and being exposed to different experiences...and it's a way of enjoyment and entertainment because one must have time to relax in a day so I do relax inform of reading and reading bring some sort of joy and develops curiosity of learning aloat of stuffs...reading heals

So in my life reading and writing is a powerful therapy that has been keeping me alive till now😊

(Faith Simba, University student, Foi Fashion)


And charting, it is the only way I can use to know if people I love are doing fine.

Well, am not used to be a talkative {laugh}

 There is no way that I can't peruse on social medias everyday!

What were these for?

You can develop your routine by checking from other's routine, remind you, take what you really need to develop.

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