Wasn't Easy.

Rebecca Manoti and Moureen Kaaya

From Rebecca Manoti,

 An activisit at DAFTARI_LANGU_CAMPAIGN and a student at St.Agustine university of Tanzania pursuing Bachelor of laws fourth year.

My life journey, from when i started to where i am has been not easy at all. I have sacrificed alot, cried all alone so deep, and sometimes i even thought i'm useless and wanted to quit the battles. But putting God first", " self determination", " self courage" , and "self discipline" are the key ladders that have pushed me to where i am today.

I remember when contesting for MISS MWANZA 2019, the organizer of the event told me to step down the competitions, without clear reasons why. I was hurt broken so deep as i have been attending all classes for the catwalk strengthening almost three months, and finals were approaching. I cried so deep, thinking that i have nothing to accomplish in my dreams. I wished for the world to be brought up side down, so i couldn't exist.

After two days in a room crying all alone, i met a post in instagram advertising of MISS SIMIYU 2019. I took courage to follow all the instructions appropriately and lastly i was accepted to join the competitions. It wasn't easy, as i had to do school and beauty at the same time. And this time was much more hectic, as i had to travel often from MWANZA to SIMIYU and vice versa.

These decisions are the best decisions that i'll be proud of for the rest of my life.  Its via this, i had an opportunity to win the competitions in both SIMIYU and LAKE ZONE, later joining for MISS TANZANIA 2019 and getting into the best top ten girls among twenty. Good enough i got the best scores in school that gave me another year to celebrate.

And so, through this I've learnt that "You have to be the driver of your own life always". Obstacles are there but let them not limit us to conquer what we wish.
Decide on your own ways, learn not to give up easily and stand as your own priority first before others. 

From Maureen Kaaya,

Am Moureen Kaaya, Miss Tanzania top model 2019 and miss Eastern zone 2019 
I love being a model so I started to look for modeling agencies so I can learn about modeling but unfortunately I didn't succeed most of them died before I could learn anything and bad enough I was chosen to study Mzumbe university and many agencies and opportunities are in Dar-es- Salaam so I decided to quite and do my studies. Then there was Miss Mzumbe beauty pageant competition, a lot of people pushed me but I never thought I could and I knew my parents won't allow me but with all the convincing I decided to join. God is so good I was the third runner up. That day gave me a good experience and a platform, then I said this is enough I will do it next year. 

People wanted me to go on but I thought I wasn't ready then another beauty pageant competition came up called "miss IAAD". It concerns about people with albinism. Another experience I gained and I was the second runner up miss albinism 2019.

So the more I stepped on stages the more people saw me and wanted me to move on this time I was sure of myself that I want it and I can do it and I must reach my goal. So I went to Miss Morogoro competition and I did it again I was the first runner up. 
Being in top 6 gave me a chance to go to miss eastern zone 2019 and this was my time finally I finished the last stage of being crowned Miss Eastern Zone 2019 I was honored and I really thank God for this opportunity. 

After being placed in top 5 I got opportunity to move on to Miss Tanzania the national beauty pageant 2019, now here is when I my dream came true I was the miss Tanzania people's choice and also miss Tanzania Top model 

Being interested in fashion is in the blood, I love it and has been my dream since then. It just feels so awesome to walk on stages smiling with confidence and all the catwalks­čśůbut all in all I love modeling though before that I never knee I could do beauty page try but that was my journey to reach to my goal. 

It feels amazing there are things you can't explain the feeling but when you imagine you just feel it in your bones, showcasing other people's cloths, being an ambassador and on top of that meeting different people all around the world and making new friends. 

I believe that God was everything in my journey of reaching to miss Tanzania he was there for me and fought for me with all the ups and down, another thing is that I had people's support behind me, family, friends, and even people I did not know they played a big part for me to reach where I am, another thing is discpline I did all that my teachers and guiders told me and followed what they taught me and obeyed. 

My mom wasn't ready but my dad did allow me to go on and when I came home with crowns in the first place my mom loved it and was now comfortable for me to go on and on. Some of my friends asked alot about my studies like "are you posponding? ”"don't forget school" but some gave me a push to reach where I wanted to go am glad I did not receive many criticism many believed in me.  

So there are a lot of challenges in field especially to girls, some are; in this field as a girl if you have no patience and discipline people will use you as they want,  you need to respect yourself and work hard.  Another thing if you are knew in the field people are going to manipulate you and feed from you I mean people will pretend that they are helping you but its for their own advantage and not yours, (this happened to me its a bad experience). 

Its not easy to deal with such challenges unless someone respects herself and knows her worthy. 

How I separate my studies and fashion is during the weekdays I do my studies and during the weekends I do my fashion. I remember when I was competing last year 2019 I was in first year and our university has a program of long holiday of four months so this time I used it to do all my fashion and reached where I am. 
The pandemic has affected the whole of beauty pageant industry not to me too because the things that where supposed to happen on time they are not people can't prepare competitions since everyone is at home and can't go out. But to my side am staying positive, I learn everyday about the industry and do my staffs while am at home. 
My advice is that if they have a dream they should do it, you don't know you know until you do it. People won't know you unless you go out of your comfort zone. 

The industry is so awesome when you play your part right and follow the rules.

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