Tanzania - The Unfading Beauty

The United Republic of Tanzania is a peaceful East African country. Tanzanians are so friendly and welcoming, despite the cultural diversity, the people of Tanzania are all united under the Swahili

Phrases like “Hakuna Matata”, “Asante Sana”, “Karibu Sana” and
“Safari Njema” are most likely common in the country. The most common
phrase right now is “Hapa Kazi Tu” meaning “surely here, it’s just work” which is the Motto for the current president of Tanzania Hon. Dr John Pombe Magufuli.

Tanzania is known for its Safari Adventures, the Serengeti
National Park filled with beautiful scenery and incredible wilderness. It is one among the places in Africa where the ‘’big
five animals” can be found. The Lion (Simba) also known as the
“King of the Jungle’’, Elephant (Tembo), Leopard (Chui), Buffalo
(Nyati) and Rhinoceros (Kifaru). The Ngorongoro crater (A
Natural Wonder of the World) is also found in Tanzania. The
crater is 610 meters deep and a floor covering 260 square
meters. Ngorongoro is a home for more than 7000 animals
such as Hyenas, Zebras, Elephants, Antelopes, Hippos, Black
Rhinos, Lions and many more. It is the most beautiful
destination for tourists.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, the pride of Tanzania (The most famous and tallest Mountain in Africa). A natural heritage since 1987, the summit is 5895 meters above the sea level. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is a bucket list for almost everyone who loves new experiences and exploring new places. 

This beautiful country also holds the most important antiquities. The Olduvai George (the cradle of Mankind) A renowned site where evidence of human ancestors was found located in the Arusha region. Historical sites and towns catering beatification for the eyes, such sites are like the Kaole ruins and Kilwa Kisiwani ruins located in Bagamoyo, it is an archaeological site. reflecting the time in history. The 13th-century mosque (oldest mosque in the whole of East Africa) was built during the period of the Sultan of Kilwa rule is found in Kaole. This marvellous historical site is situated near the Indian Ocean which is also open for recreational activities.

Tanzania is the true definition of the ultimate beauty. It has multiple natural features and
structures. Apart from all historical proofs, this country proves the existence of science. The
Mbozi meteorite located in Mbeya described as the eighth largest meteorite in the world with
3m long and 1m tall and an estimated weight of 25 metric tonnes is found in Tanzania.

 If this doesn’t amaze you yet I bet Amboni caves will change your mind. The Amboni caves are
located in Tanga, these are the most extensive limestone caves in East Africa, it’s said that
these caves were formed during the Jurassic Age. The local people in the area have inspiring
stories about the caves. It is also believed that the caves are a sacred place for worshipping.
The people in Tanga city are so kind, “waja leo waondoka leo?” is a common Swahili phrase
used in Tanga, meaning “you just came today, how can you leave today?” This phrase is
commonly used in Tanga city, asking these questions aims on motivating the visitor to stay a
little bit longer. This shows kindness and how the people of Tanga are welcoming to visitors,
offering help and never wanting them to leave. This culture makes visitors wanting to revisit
Tanga more often.

With the go-to leisure, Tanzania has suitable sustainable weather that’s fit for adventures. Zanzibar
Island is the most go-to destination for beach holidays. Zanzibar isn’t limited to just the beautiful
scenery of the island itself but is a world heritage. This delighted island is famous for spices and
historical sites. The ‘Spice Tour’ is a wonderful experience for the culinary artist to get familiar to
spices and exotic fruits. The Forodhani Gardens Food Market is located just in front of the House of
Wonders and The Old Fort. This place gets really busy during the sunset, as tourists and locals gather
to enjoy the Zanzibar Cuisine. This includes a variety of food stalls with delicacies such as grilled
seafood, cassava and many more. The most common mouthwatering food to taste while in Zanzibar is
Zanzibar pizza & Urojo soup. A magnificent island for recreational activities such as snorkelling,
swimming and diving.

Are you still on a dilemma? Wondering where to visit for that family holiday retreat? The answer is Tanzania. Excite your eyes with the natural greenery, cool blue sea waves and the wilderness of the Safari trips and camping.

By Asma Mkwata

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