Zuhura Ahmad, A volunteer for planet Earth!

From Zuhura Ahmad,
My name is Zuhura Ahmad from Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Currently am an undergraduate student from Sokoine University of Agriculture pursuing Bsc. with education (Chemistry and Biology). A friend of environment and volunteer for the Earth Day Network-Tanzania and Global Youth Biodiversity Network-Tanzania as well, being active volunteer i have been able to run the networks at Sokoine University of Agriculture under the National coordinator authority.

Here, i would like to tell my fellow youth the power of volunteering for the earth and how you can be one!

Basically volunteering is the process whereby it involves person doing something especially helping other people, serving community willingly and without being forced or paid to do it but the big expectation is to learn more, networking, get skills, knowledge and experience within the community.
But normally, volunteer is a freewill offer from an individual to be of help in a project, programme or activities. You make yourself available to assist, to gain knowledge or to impact knowledge at any given time without excuses.
Therefore, volunteer is a vehicle for sustainable development and a force behind.

 Most of the people around the world have wrong perception on volunteering that it can bring about change in our surrounding environment in our local, global community as well, but for us young activist volunteers it actually does, volunteers are real heroes!

A question to ask yourself
In your lifetime did you ever have a passion to solve the problem of the community around you from local scale to global scale and the challenge around the community but you have lack a platform to do so?

The solution is volunteering!
Volunteering provide space, platform for young stars to share their views, grow the ability and skills and raising the awareness on different social and global challenges facing the current world.

So advice to my fellow youth;
Every day you are among of the billion to make a difference to the people and communities, you need to participate in environmental conservation since volunteering in environmental space has got about transformational change to me and my society and it has brought about an extent of an impact to my community from global scale to local scale, dedicate your time and skills to make the earth a better place.

Therefore everyone has the power to make a change, anyone can become an agent of change on planet, challenge yourself by volunteering for planet earth!
Reduce, reuse and recycle. Follow the three “R’s” to conserve natural resources and landfill space.

Volunteer for cleanups in your community, bike more drive less, stay nature friendly at your home place/work place and educate yourself so you can help others understand the importance and value of our natural resources.

Choose sustainable, make smart choices!
An individual action can count to fight climate change since you are not small to make a difference. A good example look at the size of the mosquito and its impact.
So i hope from now you can take action for the planet by volunteering for the earth.

 Become a volunteer for planet earth!

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  1. Am pleased to read this Zuhura. I have learnt that volunteering is service to humanity. I would urge all youths to dedicate their time and energy in volunteering. Otherwise continue with that spirit Zuhura.

  2. Maasha Allah, keep it up Zuhura and congratulations for your efforts on volunteerism, the community need volunteer because volunteer solve different social problems like what you are doing and get services which would otherwise not be there. Continue with your spirit, community need people like you

  3. The true passion of volunteerism does'nt just come no where it comes deep inside our hearts and through that changes can conquer. Thanks zuhura for the inspiration and we all together in bringing the changes to our environment(Planet).

  4. 🙌🙌🙌 that's perfect and good work you have been doing for a while 🙌 be blessed

  5. Great zuhura, nice work keep it! Be blessed maadam the power of volunteering is real

  6. Congratulation Zuhura Never give up may Allah be with you all time wajna... Maa Shaa Allah

  7. I'm grateful to learn about volunteering Zuhura. Keep it up, it's something great . you got a lot to archive.