Technology and a Pandemic!

Technology during a pandemic.

Experiencing people participating in gatherings like social events, markets and even in political events was normal in the world. It made people feel that they were together physically. Students in schools especially in developing countries where technology is still not so much in use in schools were attending school to study.

Before pandemic, many people in developing countries were not utilizing and investing in technology. It was just heard "poor science and technology" in our ears. Few of them saw opportunities and decided to utilize them.

The pandemic lead to physically stop of some social, political and economic activities. The businesses, meetings and crowded places are now scaring, very scaring because they lead to high spread of the corona virus. Students are now at home, no more gatherings! People are now adopting to a new world.

Apart from other matters that pandemic reminds us, the corona virus helps to demonstrates the benefits and associated challenges of technology in businesses, social services like health and education, and digital payments.

Technology is now helping to reduce the spread of the corona virus while helping business to be open and to get access of the social services like there are some online studies are conducted in different applications.
The announced lock downs and practices of social distancing in many countries provided opportunities to different people based on technology like delivery services through online applications, advertisements, online meetings which were actually not so much in use before the pandemic.

While usage of most mobile apps has remained neutral during the corona virus pandemic, social media app usage has exploded during the lockdown, according to new data from Nielsen. Marketers and business owners are now advised to use and engage in social media communities where their customers spend so much time in, to trap the customers. Others can think on what has missed in new people's experience of lock downs and social distancing and grab opportunities.

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