“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life : It Goes on.”
- Robert  Frost.

From the quote of Robert Frost, I started believing and thinking of the life after the pandemic    COVID-19, how would the life be after the lessons people have learnt during COVID-19.

Many us did never thought of a life that we experienced during the pandemic, the life of total lockdowns where by being out the street had become illegal, the life of self-insecurities, the life during COVID-19. When the whole world is fighting against the invisible enemy (CORONA VIRUS) which put all of us and our rights in jeopardy and making all of us less safe.

A lot of lessons are learnt during the period but one of the most is Discipline in Time, Health and Money. The COVID-19 has taught us that the time we have today is very important because tomorrow is a mystery. We should take the time we have has a crisis time to set goals and choose directions as young people and stop dreaming or hoping for tomorrow.
“we have all regret, the chances we didn’t take”

Another thing is proper money management, the pandemic COVID-19 has basically taught us on how to spend our money properly on Needs, Wants and Savings for tomorrow is a mystery. During the pandemic when people experienced partial or total lockdown is when we realized the importance of money discipline.

The COVID-19 has reminded us on investing on our health, before people had a life style that didn’t consider the procedures and regulations of good health and well-being, people could eat what ever come across them and while the COVID-19 came the law of nature applied “survival for the fittest” then during the pandemic COVID-19 the healthiest survived since they could sustain the virus. Here a lesson came that our health is more important to consider before all things we do in life. This is when an Arabic proverb sounded true that says
“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything".

After all this people should think on the life after COVID-19, where people will start afresh after all the Mental and Physical depression of people that led also to social and economic depression. This is the time when the society needs to change the total way of living by having more Discipline in every aspect and Focus to rebuild because the take-off stages from the pandemic will be more difficult without total focus of each and every one of us. People should impacts the knowledge learnt during the COVID-19 to take-off and get back to normal. 

Written by
Arnold Isaya Simon

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