Joy Jenda, A Black Pearl

She is a freelance journalist, content developer and lover of coffee. She is also a fan of literature and enjoy writing. In her spare time she writes music and poetry. She considers herself a philocalist.

Joy Jenda, she is originally from Malawi. She was born in Malawi but her childhood and early teens were split between Malawi and South Africa.

Joy Jenda said, "I see beauty is everything and probably should be dubbed the goddess of optimism (lol) seeing i spread it quite a bit. On a serious note however, I genuinely love encouraging people and enjoy seeing them become better at what
they do".

She recently completed her tertiary education with the University of Malawi. As part of my final year project, she decided to create a magazine called Black Pearl.

The magazine aimed to showcase women across the African continent that are impacting their generation and blazing trails that others can follow.

The whole process, from information gathering to final compilation, was like
unearthing a gold mine of awe inspiring women.

She said, "I had such a wonderful time
learning of the sheroes we have across the continent. From their stories I learnt that
resilience, hard work, excellence and faith in God can take you places. I am excited
about the future and what it holds for the 21st century African woman".

Her best quote.

“It should also be noted that even today, humans have a potential for skills and symbolic thought that is probably never, in any of us, fully exploited. We could learn languages, aspects of mathematics, crafts, or sporting skills that we do not in fact learn. We are endowed with considerably more potential than we can use in mere lifetime"

- Michael C. Corballis

Joy Jenda is inspirational to other girls, since she uses her abilities and potentials to lift other young girls up. We call her "Black Pearl"

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