Ihewa- 'Success is of people who never give up"

From Ihewa,

My name is Ihewa Mwamini Gaula, I am 22 years old. A Tanzanian. Currently, a Medical Student 4th year.

About me!
I was born in Dodoma and spent most of my life here. Growing up I really loved reading, I read a lot, everything. In my spare time I would invest my time on writing stories. I had a keen interest in astronomy, so I read everything I could on the subject. I was determined to become a re-known astronomer. When I was much younger I used to collect snakes, once I went to my mother when my baby sister was sick and gave her our garden peas telling her it was medicine for my sister-  everyone was convinced I would grow up to become a doctor. I strongly opposed the idea, I hated blood or any idea associated with spending my time in a hospital! However when I was in form four I realized my strong desire to help other people, I felt a strong desire to help other people and serve God as well, at that moment I was certain a medical career was the right path for me. I worked hard, tireless nights. I failed many times but I didn’t give up. I cried and prayed when I felt discouraged, and I worked even harder- there were teachers who believed I wouldn’t make it, people who made me feel I was worthless, but I trusted my God and pulled my socks up and worked harder and harder because I had a vision and a goal. There were of course the fewer people who believed in me, their words helped me during difficult times.

A pandemic!
The COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly and dramatically changed everyone’s lives such as myself. As a 4th year medical student most of my lessons consists of interacting with patients at the hospital, due to the pandemic I can not do that and there is no need for online lessons for us, I spend my time at home volunteering for organizations such as I am Beijing +25 and UNICEF, try to recap my knowledge from my previous university notes and update myself with the new medical findings on COVID-19 through medical journals (such as the New England Journal of Medicine) and YouTube videos from medical experts (such as osmosis). I also enjoy reading crime novels, watching animation and cooking.

My advice!
I would like for girls to know that anything is possible for you, have a vision and a goal- pursue it relentlessly, tirelessly. You may feel discourage sometimes but don’t give up. It's not people who are smart enough, or have lots of money who make it, it’s people who never give up. So don’t give up, keep on trying, keep on fighting. Most importantly place God before everything you do, pray and never stop praying. If I have learnt anything in my 22 years on earth is that God is faithful to those who love and believe in him.

Hopefully this will inspire you in many ways, to develop your mind and personality.

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