George, Young Inspirational Speaker!

George Claud, a Tanzanian boy, aged 18 years old. Currently studying Advanced level.

Tell us about yourself and your movements: 

"I am passionately an inspirational speaker, and I have been doing this for a year now not for a pretty long time! I have been moving with my philosophy of being a “Worthless servant”, making a difference in the society, building awareness, creating mindfulness, cultivating wisdom and participate on the media platform because I believe that this is the ground where we can touch, change and inspire lives and uplift people who have gone down, depressed, emotionally abused, especially concerning the youths on far more seeing themselves in the bigger future to come, I want we youths not to die with our music unplayed just for not daring to try.
What makes you to be that kind of boy? :
First and foremost I thank God, for the gift and the seed He has put in me and made me aware of who I have to be. So owning this seed I feel its duty to water and nurture it, and the zeal to serve and help people with the gifts that I and we are blessed with".

Your timetable during this pandemic at home: 

Morning, I exercise, take my classes and check over my feeds. Afternoon, I move on a bit with my classes, read a book, having a meditation session and recreate.
Evening, I create video content, check over friends and sleep earlier.

What can you tell your fellow teens so as to be like or more than you? 

 "What I can advise my fellow youths is , never stop praying for their live that’s the first thing, secondly never fearing to start, never doubt yourself because you have a great wealth inside you, lastly never to fear failure but they should always be terrified of regrets".

My message to the people 

Looking beyond the present situation
As Albert Einstein remarked “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep balance you have to keep moving”. I recognize many are so down, some feel rejected, some had lost their loved ones, some feel the whole world has turned their backs on them, feel like their past is still consuming them, but simply remember this “We are all having battles to fight, we just fight them in different battlefields”. This is how life is, if you are down stand up and keep moving because something big is waiting for you, challenges are where we grow and remember as bob Dylan said” behind every beautiful thing , there’s some pain”

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