Students Entrepreneurs and Outbreak of COVID19

Meet University Students who are also entrepreneurs, sharing challenges they face during the pandemic and ways they use to overcome them!


Lomis treat is a newly emerging bakery that's legally owned in form of partnership by Jemima Ngilangwa and Loyce kisepe both second year students in mzumbe , morogoro Tanzania.

The bakery has been operating in changarawe morogoro targeting  mzumbe students as their  major customers participating fully in kijiweni program as part of Resources and Incubation Centre which shrouds students who wish to become entrepreneurs.

As Corona is a leading edge affecting the economy of the whole world.
Lomis treat has lost plurality of it's customers since the major niche has been students, but that has not stopped them from functioning rather it's operating iringa and it's slowly growing despite the setbacks.

Lomis treat social medias are in Ig -lomis treat morogoro bakery
In whatsapp- 0673137714, 0742863907

Salome Sengo

An entrepreneurial student from the University of Jordan, Morogoro Tanzania.

She is a food cooker (especially Birian) and a recipes and clothing seller. She does her business activities and many of her clients are students at the college as she studies.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, she knew a disaster was coming, he planned how to deal with it.
He bought a heavy load and looked for a way to teach people online courses based on cooking.

But challenges exist.
Some of her clients are lenders. They fail to pay her and are away and it becomes difficult to track.
No more gatherings, it's difficult for her to organize events to meet people.
No longer academics, its business relies on students and they are spread out.
Her contacts: 0745638932

Patrick Aman Myala

22 years old. Student at Nanchang Hangkong University (Bachelor in Aeronautical engineering)

Entrepreneur in supplying Electronics like phones, laptops and Cameras from China to Africa specifically Tanzania.

He is now in Tanzania due to outbreak of covid19.
Many of his customers are from Tanzania, shipping the products from China to Tanzania became hard and lead to extremely delaying of goods from 5 days to 17 days for products to reach customers.
Patrick said, " Right now am facing the challenges by using great agents like DHL and FIDEX to to help in transferring the goods, it is so expensive but am on it so as to keep on creating a good network and communication with my customers".

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