Artists and Pandemic

22 years old. A student at the University of Dar es salaam, He is an artist doing both painting and drawing. He works in the office and at home. He started this art quite a while since he was young, during nursery until now, but seriously he came to start in 2018 and made it a business after reserch was enough.

"The business is very good as I love drawing that gives me joy in life, it gives me an income to meet a variety of needs" said Idd.

 Challenges exist.

"Material for our activities are noy readily available since we do not have enough paint manufacturing facilities so it has made it difficult to access equipment, as many as three hardware stores this causes time to import directly from abroad as china"

Parents contributions on his passion

"I really started a long time since I was a kindergartner all the time I grew up in the arts as my dad is a painting artist so it has led me to live in the art right now" .

His parents are very much in the past as well because his family is artistic and the community is also supporting due to the excellent and beautiful work he always does with great skill.

Did Pandemic affect him as an artist?

Artists depends much on activeness of tourism sector. During the pandemic many sectors including Tourism sector has been facing difficulties due to several reasons.

"Corona has affected not only me but all artists in the country due to the borders of the country being shut down causing tourists not to come to our country who were actually best customers in our businesses"

What ways he use to tackle this challenge?

Idd has not stopped the business due to pandemic. Instead, he is now announcing his works to the people around Tanzania so as they can support  his arts.

His contacts: +255 655 691 692
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